Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Man Utd jersey collection

Welcome to my Manchester United jersey collection! (bukannya banyak mana pun..hihihi)

I've listed Man Utd's jerseys since the year of 1992 - the year that the Premier League was founded and also the year it was possible for us mortals to purchase the uniforms our heroes dressed up in every saturday evening at four o'clock.

Though it's a long time since the likes of Mark Hughes, Jesper Olsen, Bryan Robson and Gary Bailey would make or brake an entire weekend, it's still a thrill to watch the newer heroes trying to regain the supremacy that legends such as Eric Cantona, Roy Keane and Peter Schmeichel brought to the fans.

I've tried to describe the jerseys as good as possible and as accurate as I remember.

Note that players shirts are exact as the players use and replicas are the shirts you get in the stores - not fakes.

So, come and have a look at my collections:

This is my first jersey (Away kit-1992) that I've bought for RM180.00.... Bought it at DU at that time!

A home shirt (1992) which I managed to get my name and num 8 stick on it.. (at that time Paul Ince wear it that num..) Proud woo...!!! Can't remember where did I bought it but the name and num got it at Sunway Pyramid.

This is away kit-1993 jersey. MU released the Newton Heath-kit as their new away kit (the colour looks like Kedah la plak...kehkehekhke!!!). Seldom wear it 'coz the colour is totally rare.

A new away/3rd kit in 1994. This kit was the black "Kung Fu" shirt that Eric Cantona immortalised at Selhurst Park in 25 January 1995. Waachaaa!!!! then kena banned for how many months?? 9-month banned from world football.

And lastly, my favourite away kit (1998) 'coz it's very hard to get long sleeve shirt at that time. Also got my name and num 14 at the back.

That's all folks!! Only in my collection at the moment. Perhaps in the future will add it in my wardrobe...

c y'all later..

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