Friday, May 29, 2009

my 'baby' will discharge

After 48 days been admitted and gone thru' the whole episode like hell, finally my 'baby' will discharge from his ward this coming Monday. This has been approved by his 'surgeon' who operated and treated him very well all this while. Only waiting for an approval letter from the insurance side.

I managed to visit him before Friday prayer and couldn't wait to see him back in action!! Also 'kawtim' with his 'surgeon' requesting for his new set of rims (mesti dia bagi yg original punyer... kompem!!).

p/s: couldn't take his pics 'coz running out of time...c y'all on Monday.


  1. congrats bro, x sangka ko dah jadi daddy.. hehe..

  2. bro...aku rasa ko mis-understanding nie...
    takper...nnt ko akan tahu the whole story..wait for the next entry..hehehhe
    (aku rasa ko dah terkena!!)

  3. Salam.. aku tahu apa maksud kau Pyan.. Huhu.. New rim huh.. best2... Ori japan tuh...

  4. Made...thanks for dropping a line..
    Nk buat cemana, nasib dah nk terkena!! Sakit jugak biler takde Kenari nie, mana tahan bawak keter besar...minyak tuuu...

  5. pyan.. itulah dinamakan qada' dan qadar.. kdg2 kita bawak giler mcm mana pun nothing happened.. sometimes bila kita tgh bawak berhemah tu la malang menimpa.. apapun glad your car will be back in action soon...