Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ship visit plan

Like to share with u guys that since I am newly-joined with Tanjung Kapal Services (TKS) on April and has been attached to Crewing Dept, the Management decide that TKS personnel should have visit our vessels in Kemaman and also Labuan... at least one vessel within this year.. An e-mail has been sent to all TKS personnel on 27 May. I think they will send me to Kemaman first before flying off to Labuan....perhaps end of June kot...not decided yet..

The purpose to pay them a visit is that we as a people who make an arrangement for vessels need to have a good relationship between the HQ people and sea personnel (which is crew vessel la...). Do have some chit-chat with them, see what they are doing onboard, how they work...blaa..blaa..blaaa... and at the same time discuss their problem (confirm bnyk problem nie!!.)

So, this is my chance and opportunity for me to know more better on marine vessels. Dalam pada tu, dapat naik bridge wooo..(mostly our people kita panggil deck..). Meantime boleh tgk kapal dengan dekat...(jgn mabuk laut udah..)

OK, c y'all on next entry


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