Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kenari vs Caldina GT-4

Salam all,

Here is the story what had happened on Sunday noon, 12 April 2009. Met an accident with Caldina GT-4 at Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP) while I was cruising on 70km/h speed to buy fans and lights for my new house. Suddenly.......BANG..!!!!! from the back....

Thankful that me and my wife got out of it without serious injury, but just some bad sprain and pains.

Let the pictures tell you everything!!

couldn't believe it..

this stretching mark indicates everything..

where are my fucking rim and tyre??..

oh my God.. my arm and rod...what the heck..!! Lucky that my absorber and spring still intact..

aarggh..?? rim broke into pieces....giler aarr!!

fuiyohh.....!!! really hard knock on it...

looks like not worth it to 'bang' Kenari..isn't it..??

a culprit, 23 years old who doesn't know how to manoeuvre a performance car like this...

Report have been made and police investigation saying that I won this incident. Have to live without my car for 1 month plus lorr. What to do..!! Insurance claim also has been charged to 3rd party....which is Kurnia Insurans ....aarghhh.... sure lembab giler!!

On Monday, received a phone call saying that my car is ready to be discharge from 'his' ward... What a relief!! Happy tak terkata....

Now....the car is back in shape and ready to roll on the track...!!! Will snap his photos for those who missed my baby which formerly known as 'LittleBastard'.

C y'all on next entry...

Assalamualaikum semua.


  1. that jerk drove really fast... the brake mark was at least 50 meter bro.. Dia mabuk ke huh??

  2. a'ah mabuk....MABUK LAUT!!!...sailor la katakan...

  3. Perghh, kuat dia hentam kenari ko bro sampai remuk camtu skali GT4?? Syukur korang takde apa2..